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A leading source of information on the small-cap stock market. They are a vertical portal, serving small-cap companies and the investors who follow them.

Web Solutions
RedChip started their business by publishing their research content in paper books. They wanted to move to a web-based model where the same paper books would be published in PDF form on their web site. Customers could either purchase a subscription or buy individual research reports.
Solution: Our team was able to plan and implement a web solution using Microsoft's Site Server products. The user's experience was personalized based on their level of membership. Anonymous users (not logged in) could view company profile information and their latest news stories. Users could also sign up for a free account where they could customize their portfolio and track their favorite stocks. They could also purchase individual research reports. Subscribers had the added benefit of being able to view all of the research available. We also implemented a "Best of RedChip" section where the business could provide free research reports to all visitors. They were usually slightly older reports and were meant to be a teaser to get more users to purchase the subscription.

Key Technologies
Site Server Commerce Edition
Site Server Personalization & Membership
SQL Server
Microsoft Transaction Server

Increased opportunities for revenue through web subscriptions.


Problem: The desire was to increase revenues by syndicating RedChip's excellent research to other investment research firms. The existing process of publishing to paper and PDF's made it impossible to extract the data for syndication.
Solution: We designed and implemented a workflow process for the content authors. It enabled us to extract each element of the research reports before they were placed into the books and PDF's. Each element was stored into a database where it could be easily extracted as XML. It gave RedChip an endless number of possibilities for selling their content to other businesses. At the end of our engagement, we were successfully syndicating the RedChip content to

Key Technologies
Key Technologies:
SQL Server
Microsoft Transaction Server

Increased opportunities for revenue through content syndication.