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D&K Office Solutions
Advanced Litigation Solutions for law firms throughout the country. They provide a web-based Litigation Support Application that allows joint defense teams spread across the country to more effectively share documents without the burden and high cost of sharing paper copies of every document.

Web Portal
Several law firms were jointly working on a case that involved hundreds of thousands of documents. It would have been too costly and inefficient to make paper copies for each law firm. They also wanted the ability to profile the key documents which they could then search.
Solution: Twin Cities Solutions designed and implemented the web site using Microsoft Site Server and SQL Server. The solution gave the lead law firm the ability to upload and profile documents. They also maintained other information about the case such as a calendar, depositions, and a chat room for discussing the case. All of the law firms could then log into the web site and see all of the information regarding the case. The solution saved the law firms tens of thousands of dollars in copying expenses and also expedited the process since the documents could be placed on the web site immediately. After the case was settled, D & K Office Solutions continued to use the web site for other cases and also sold it to other law firms.

Key Technologies
Site Server Personalization & Membership
SQL Server
Microsoft Transaction Server

A paperless solution that saved time, money and even furnished revenue.