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MEDTOX Laboratories, Inc. is engaged throughout the United States in forensic and clinical laboratory services to corporations, pharmaceutical companies and health care organizations. Twin Cities Solutions provided assistance in developing new web service interfaces between MEDTOX and their clients.

Drug Testing Application
MEDTOX had requirements to bring on a client who was using php and MySQL to integrate in with their current system. MEDTOX had a web service interface written in .NET 1.1 that would return class objects. MEDTOX would also then feed the results back to the client using their existing .NET 1.1 environment to push the data back out. MEDTOX wanted to be able to come up with a solution that would meet the needs of this client and also allow for future clients to be able to be up and running quickly.
Solution: Twin Cities solutions made .NET 3.5 Web services that would accept XML and push back XML to all clients. This made it much easier to bring on new clients and eventually for existing clients to update their software to handle the change if they desired. The applications were then made to handle both the existing functionality and the new XML functionality with the thought that eventually the existing .NET 1.1 functionality would be rewritten.

Key Technologies
.NET 3.5
Web Services
SQL Server 2005

Better efficiency bringing on new clients.